Taking notice of what’s on your doorstep #ExploreFromYourDoor

Explore Devon is filled with some amazing walks, trails and sites to visit, but during lockdown we are asked to stay local for exercise. Take time to view the world from a different perspective as you go outside from your doorstep – walk or cycle and see things you wouldn’t normally notice in a car – look up at buildings, trees and appreciate the ever changing sky.

  • Where will you discover? MyLocalPaths on the DCC environmental viewer gives you access to a detailed set of Devon Right of Way routes on your phone, tablet and computer
  • There’s more history on your doorstep than you realise. Visit our DCC environment viewer
  • Discover a great new way to get outside with your family with a treasure trail.

We live in a beautiful part of the world and you may find new trails that are local to you; the amazing countryside all across Devon will still be there to enjoy when lockdown is over. We would love to see what you have discovered, use the hashtag #ExploreFromYourDoor on social media to get involved.