Let’s Walk Workplace Challenge – March 2021

Get Devon Moving More this March – Join the Let’s Walk Workplace Challenge

Devon’s biggest Workplace Walking Challenge, Let’s Walk, is returning in March this year, aiming to get teams across the County to think about their health at work and take a break from their computer screen. Getting out for a walk is also a great way to connect with your natural environment which is proven to benefit health and wellbeing.

The Let’s Walk Workplace Challenge gives you a fun motive and opportunity to support your colleagues during this time. The challenge will encourage your employees to move away from sitting in one place all day and support a healthier and happier team culture.

The challenge is aimed at all workplaces, big or small, home or office based and is free to join. The aim is simply to walk and move more during the working day.

Work teams can consist of 3 -10 people in each team, setting both team and individual goals – pledging to reach their target together and reaping the health rewards.

Once you have registered to take part you will be provided with all the resources that you and your teams will need to take part before the challenge starts.

Walking and moving is a wonder drug for our health and wellbeing, but it is also hugely important to businesses who want to encourage their teams to be more engaged, focused, and productive. Particularly relevant for this year, walking is shown to help with stress management and will, encourage a happier and more mindful team, leading to fewer sick days taken.

The social benefits of endorsing a walking culture during the working day are well proven, with internal communications, staff morale and organisational creativity and problem-solving all hugely boosted as a result of teams walking and moving more together. Walking outdoors helps to value social spaces and the nature around us and has a great positive impact on the environment – leaving the car at home can make a huge difference.

Visit www.activedevon.org/lets-walk to find out more and register a team.

Please ensure you follow current government guidance on exercise and accessing the outdoors safely.  Staying close to home you may find new trails that are local to you; the amazing countryside all across Devon will still be there to enjoy when lockdown is over.

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