Daddyhole Plain

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The coastal headland comprises impressive coves, cliffs, foreshore and quarry exposures. Daddyhole Cove, together with a small quarry at Triangle Point to the north-east (accessed via Meadfoot Beach), shows a superb example of limestone from the Devonian period. Underlying the limestone are fine-grained sedimentary rocks known as shales. Two features of the site are of particular interest. Firstly, it exhibits dramatic arch-shaped folding of the rocks. Secondly, the site has yielded many fossils, particularly at the transition between the limestone and the shales.  These include fossilised corals and brachiopod shells (marine invertebrates) important in interpreting the palaeoecology of the Middle Devonian period.

At the western end of the cove there is a good example of landslip and rockfalls but please be careful when exploring and follow this safety guidance and the safety information found at the start of this Geology in Devon booklet.


Getting Around

Foot: The South West Coast Path runs through the site, from Torquay Harbour follow Parkhill Road. Train and Bus: Main line train station nearby and bus services run from Exeter and Plymouth to Torquay. Road: The site lies east of Torquay Harbour and is accessed by the Meadfoot Sea Road. Parking is available.

Boat: One of the best ways to view the geology of this coastline is by boat and cruises are available along this coast at Torquay, Paignton and Brixham Harbour.

Beach café, toilets.
Both steep ascents and descents.
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Interesting information

According to old tails of these limestone caves the devil used to reside in one and make deals with the local people of Torquay giving this area it’s name. The word daddy was said to be the old Devonian word for the devil. So you never know, you may see him lurking in his limestone cave.

This site is located in a scenic corner of Torquay and is managed by the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust.


Photo of the beach at Daddy Hole Plain, Torquay
Daddy Hole Plain, Torquay

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