Killerton Park

About this route

The area around Killerton shows signs of having experienced high levels of volcanic activity about 285 million years ago. Evidence of this can be seen all around, from the natural landscape to the local buildings.

Killerton House and Parkland is managed by the National Trust.

Getting Around

By bike: the National Cycle Network 52 runs from Pinhoe in Exeter to Killerton House.

By bus: Regular services run from Exeter to Silverton, it is then a 15 minute walk to Killerton House.

By road: from M5 northbound exit at J30, follow the B3181 towards Cullompton, turn left following the brown tourist signs. From M5 southbound exit at J28 and follow for B3181.

Car parking, shop, restaurant, guided tours, picnic area, events, walking and cycling routes at Killerton.
A variety of trails to explore on foot or bike including the easy buggy friendly walk.

Interesting information

The high ground behind Killerton House is made up of purplish-tinged basalt lava. This lava poured out on to a rocky and sandy desert floor and probably came up through a series of cracks in the ground rather than through a single vent.

The lava has been quarried for many years providing the material for local buildings such as Killerton Chapel.

The area is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Photo of Killerton Chapel
Killerton Chapel by Sarah Charlesworth

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