About this route

Located on the west side of Dartmoor, this site is home to a number of impressive landforms that are defined by the underlying geology and demonstrate the effects of weathering during the Ice Age.  Dartmoor was never glaciated but still suffered the effects of the cold conditions, known as periglacial activity.  Solid ice sheets came as far south as the coast of North Devon.

Getting Around

On foot:  a public footpath runs through the site, please stay on the path.

By road: The site can be approached from car parks on the B3357 Tavistock to Princetown road.

By bus: There is a regular service between Tavistock and Merrivale and Princetown, visit the Travel Devon website for the latest times.

Car parking on the B3357 Tavistock to Princetown road.
Uneven moorland terrain with steep climbs. Challenging in places.

Interesting information

The Merrivale area has a number of tors, including Roos Tor, Cox Tor and the Staple Tors.  These tors were exposed when the overlying material was eroded by periglacial activity.  They are surrounded by areas of clitter (rock debris) and blockfields (flat or gently sloping areas of frost-shattered rock), and boulder runs are also present.

The slopes around Cox Tor display a number of unusual earth hummocks. These vary considerably in size and shape but can be up to two meters in diameter and about 0.5 metres high. They are generally composed of a fine silty loam that, again, resulted from weathering during the Ice Age.

This area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest within Dartmoor National Park.

**Please note that this area of Dartmoor is common land to which there is free access on foot.  Merrivale Granite Quarry is private property. The land immediately to the north of the site is used by the MOD as a firing range and is therefore classed as a ‘Danger Area’, access is subject to restrictions – see

Photo of a bridge over a river at Merrivale
Disused bridge at Merrivale by Brett Sutherland

You can explore more in this area

Photo of the road to Burrator on Dartmoor lined with granite marker stone

Burrator Quarries

Located on the south-western edge of Dartmoor close to the impressive Burrator Reservoir are the disused Upper and Lower Burrator
Photo of granite rocks on Bellever Tor on Dartmoor

Bellever Tor and Higher Cherrybrook Brid..

Situated in the centre of Dartmoor National Park, the area around Bellever Tor is easily accessible and is a popular