Coast Path for softies! A Coastal Carriage Drive

About this route

A very popular half-day walk based on the picturesque village of Noss Mayo on the south side of the Erme Estuary and taking in a section of the South West Coast Path.  Unusually for the Coast Path there are no steep climbs, just fantastic scenery and far-reaching views!

Getting Around

Noss Mayo is served by a regular bus from Plymouth, except on Sundays.  There is a small car park in the village adjacent to the bus-stop  and a National Trust car park at Little Worswell, just back from the coast.

Noss Mayo: Pubs, toilets, car park,
No stiles or steep climbs. Suitable for most sturdy buggies
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Interesting information

Noss Mayo was once more important than it is today.  A market was established in 1286 and it was regarded as a chartered borough by the 14th century but then gradually declined in significance.  The village hall dates from 1839 and was built as a chapel and later used as the school.  It has a thermometer and barometer on the wall – useful if the weather looks a bit uncertain.

Across Noss Creek and Newton Creek is Noss Mayo’s twin village of Newton Ferrers, connected via a ferry in summer.

After passing Coastguard cottages, there are superb views over the mouth of the Yealm to the Mew Stone offshore, Wembury Point and in the distance Rame Head on the far side of Plymouth Sound.  The Mew Stone is owned by the Ministry of Defence and was once used as a prison.

The Carriage Drive itself was built in the 1800s for the Lord of the Manor at Noss Mayo, Edward Baring of the banking family who became Lord Revelstoke.  Its building provided winter employment for local fisherman and when completed, allowed Lord Revelstoke to take distinguished guests on a superbly panoramic carriage ride around his estate.

On a clear day out to sea, the Eddystone Lighthouse can be seen 14miles offshore and, if visibility is really good, the stump of the former lighthouse.  This is now on Plymouth Hoe and known as Smeaton’s Tower after its builder.

Warren Cottage was used as a lunch stop by Lord Revelstoke on his carriage drives but has also been used as the cottage for the warrener when this length of coast was a commercial rabbit warren in the 19th century when rabbits were farmed for their meat and fur.  Some of the stone walls in this area are remains of the warren walls.

Photo looking across Newton Creek to Noss Mayo with church on the hill at the center
Noss Mayo Credit Shane White

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Photo of a stile in front of fields and woodland

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Photo looking down to the sea from the South West Coast Path at Revelstoke Carriage Way

Noss Mayo – Revelstoke Carriage Drive

A section of the South West Coast Path uses the Revelstoke Carriage Drive along the cliff tops.  This gives incomparable