Warleigh Point

About this route

Warleigh Point is a fine example of coastal oak woodland. A variety of management regimes have created a diverse woodland structure, including areas of coppice, open glade and scrub. Though dominated by oak, other trees are also present including the uncommon wild service tree. The rich ground flora includes bluebells, primroses, sweet woodruff and wild garlic. The range of habitats support a wide diversity of animal life. Speckled wood butterflies are common, and tawny owl and green woodpecker breed here. A number of wildfowl and waders, including little egret, can be seen on the estuary in the winter.

Getting Around

By car: The reserve is signposted from Tamerton Folliot, to the north of Plymouth. It lies about 2km down a lane running west from the village. The entrance is on the far side of a railway bridge to the north of an old station. You are advised to lock your bike if left and not leave valuables in the car.

By bus: there is a service from Plymouth to Tamerton Folliot, visit the Travel Devon website for the latest times.

There is a circular path around the reserve. The easy access section includes a track to the reserve that can be muddy.
Footpaths. Some accessible trails.

Interesting information

Warleigh Point is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Photo of bluebells
Bluebells Copyright Natural England - Peter Wakely

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